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The clarity with which one utters the sound of speech
the script which contains all the blocking, light cues, sound cues, etc
The arched opening through which the audience views the play
Where those in the play want the audience attention
The facts that affect the playing of the scene. Known as the 5 W's
The actors movement on stage
The accepted utterance of the sounds of speech
The actor's bulletin board
The Imaginary side of the setting facing the audience
A position in which the actor turns the body more toward the audience
A position in which the actor turns the body away from the audience
What the character wants
A unit of intention
Small actions on stage
The actors right as the person face the audience
The actors left as the person face the audience
The last line of a scene or act
The most important word in a sentence
The call before performance
The assigned time for the actors to be at rehearsal or performance
Emphasizing certain words
A direction begin to speak immediately on cue with no lapse of time
The imaginary line dividing the stage in half
The part of the stage that extends in front of the main curtain
Dividing a monologue or character's speech into beats

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