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How many copper lines are in a phone line?
Who created firewire?
What is the max usb distance?
Speed of USB 2.0?
What is the max distance of firewire?
What does USB stand for?
How pure is the glass in a fiber optic cable?
What does DV stand for?
Speed of USB 1.1?
What year was USB 1.0 created?
What is the max Ethernet distance?
How many copper lines are in a ethernet cable?
Speed of USB 3.0?
What is one color of a line in a ethernet cable?
How is data transfered in a fiber optic cable?
What is the outer covering on the fiber optic cable
Speed of FireWire?
Things that use a USB cord?
How many versions of USB are there?
What year was FireWire created?
What does DSL mean?
What cord does RoadRunner use?
What is the slowest internet provided?
What is the fastest internet provided?
What is the max DSL distance?

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