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We need some more girls in here (X6).
Don't run your mouth, don't talk all that.
Cause JME mic controller turns to JME air vent installer, and I've got bare ammo like smarties.
Listen to Prez T, cool and relax, or your lower jawbone will get couple slaps.
That's why everybody rolls in a group, or with a mash, or with bat in case, they chat waste to the wrong person and get a...
Play my tunes at full volumes and shout, Shh hut yuh muh, rudeboy, diiickhead, you know im the best, your favourite MC, there's no contest.
You find a chung girl, you think its all bless ok? She's got bumper and breast ok?
I'm a MC, when I'm not on duty, I'll go homeboy tunes on fruity, I put the TV on newbs.
If you want me to spare your life, bring me a sacrifice, not a head of a pig, this ain't lord of the flies, this is jme sacrifice, bring me kfc and a small large fries.
Blud, I'll leave you gutless, Come to your ends and send for the cutless, Blud I'm going on reckless, Come to your ends and jack your bledrins.

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