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President of the US
Beatle to die
Born child
Murder victim
Thing God created
Movie directed by John Huston
State admitted to the US
Planet of the solar system
Song on 'Moving Pictures' by Rush
Host of Family Feud
Roman emperor
Song on 'Abbey Road' by the Beatles
Man to set foot on the moon
Man to journey outer space
Woman to journey outer space
Wife of Henry VIII
Character to speak on Friends
Album by The Beatles
Month of the year
Day of the week
World country in alphabetical order
President to have a 'u' in their name
King of Israel
Son of Jacob
President to be assassinated
Album by The Who
Vice president of the US
Years of the Crusades (years the First Crusade was fought in)
Song on 'Appetite for Destruction' by Guns N' Roses
Drummer for The Beatles
Album Dave Grohl was featured on in Nirvana
Plague Moses sent down (just name the two things related to it)
Parable Jesus taught
President to be impeached
Green Day album to be produced by Butch Vig
Book of the Bible
Five books of the Bible (What do Christians call it?)
Five books of the Bible (What do Jews call it?)
African-American president
Adverb in the following sentence, 'I had to get bread in a hurry, so I quickly drove to the grocery store that was really close by my house.'
Movie Adam Sandler was in
Star Wars subtitle
Movie directed by J.J. Abrams (the abbrevation is acceptable, also)
Deadly sin alphabetically
Movie directed by Robert De Niro
Triumvirate (name one person in it)
Episode of That '70s Show

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