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Info & TalentName
Song-writer, singer, played soccer for Real Madrid, Father of Enrique
Painter, 15-16th centuries, large artwork, religious portraits
Madrid Spain, model, singer, song-writer, #1 hits
Abstract artist, studied law, born in Barcelona
Actor, in movie Zorro, voice for commercials
History painter (pintor de historia), Studied art at San Fernando school
Was in band in school-Bandera Blanca, Drummer, now lives in Madrid, sings in band Amaral
Rock band from Zaragoza Spain, played in American & European countries, Enrique Bunbury left group for own gig
Info & TalentName
Plays guitar, 15 Latin Grammys
Musician, 16th century music but more modern sounding
born in Zaragoza Spain, Contemporary artist, uses technology to create art, photographer
Actress, sings, plays guitar
Plays piano, sings, dance, lives in Madrid, in movie High Heels, cancer caused her to cancel tour
Actor, lives in Las Islas Canarias, Academy Award, received star in Hollywood, owns a restaurant
Sculptor, from Sevilla
Born w/ disabilites, couldn't walk & very small, studied art in Paris, has exhibits in Madrid

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