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Location, JobMuscleGot name because of...
Pull chin to chest, One: Ear to shoulderSize (Flat)
Above ear, closes jaw for chewing and talkingLocation / Bone
On forehead, Pulls scalp forward and wrinkles foreheadLocation / Bone
Bottom of eyeball, Look downRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
Noseside, Middle of eyeball. Cross eyesRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
Top of eyeball, Rotates eyes down & to sideRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
On sides of mouth, Keeps food under teeth, whistle, drink w/ strawAction
Over Occipital Bone, Pulls scalp back, raises eyebrowsLocation / Bone
Under lips, Holds mouth shut tight, drink straw, whistle, talk, blow bubble.Shape / Location
Bridge of nose, Used for sniffing and smelling-
Location, JobMuscleGot name because of...
Behind lips, used for nervous laugh or fake smileAction
Side of jaw, Closes mouth, talk, chew, raises mandibleJob or Action
Sides of the tip of nose, flare nostrilsLocation
Bottom of eyeball, Rotates eyes up and to sideRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
Bottom of chin to corner of lips, exaggerated talkingAction / Location / Direction of Fibers
Chin, Pulls lower lip down, PoutingLocation
Around eyes, winks and squintsShape / Location
Top of eyeball, Look upwardsRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
Opposite sides of eyeball, Look outwardsRelationship to muscle / Direct. of Fibers
Lips to cheeks, Used for true smilingLocation / Size

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