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Can you name the Muscle Names?

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Location, JobNameGot name because of...
Under Ribs, BreathingDirection of Fibers (Across)
On back, Rowing, Pulling back to throwShape / Location
Sides of neck, Pull head downOrigin / Insertions
Top of Head, Over Abdomen, Lower Back, Connective Tissue
Inside of Abdomen: Move body to side, Help compress abdomenLocation / Fibers(Upside down V)
Chest, Bring arm forward (End of throw)Location / Size
Abdomen: Crunches, Bend over, Sit upLocation / Rect=Parallel Fibers
Location, JobNameGot name because of...
In front of armpits, Pulls Scapulas forward.Shape (Saw Tooth) / Location
On back of shoulders, Move shoulder blades backShape
Back of head, Both: Pull head back. One: Looks over shoulderLocation
Side of Abdomen: Pulls chest down, Moves spine a bitLocation / Fibers('V')
Upper Back, Pulls arms backwardsShape / Size
Abdomen: Compress AbdomenLocation / Trans=Lateral Fibers

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