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Can you name the Muscle Names?

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Location, JobMuscleGot name because of...
Inside of elbow, Pronation of hand (turns palms down)Action, Job, Teres=Flat
Over wrist / Under tendons, Turns palms down at wristAction, Job, Shape (Rectangle)
Forearm, Flex WristAction, Job, Location, Bone Covered
Under biceps, flexes forearm at elbowLocation
Ulna to index finger, Point index fingerAction, Job, Location
In front of Humerus (anterior), flexes forearmLocation, Origins & Insertions (2)
Forearm, Throw Spear, Stab w/ KnifeLocation, Size, 10-14% Don't Have.
Behind Humerus (posterior), Extends armLocation, Origins & Insertions (3)
On shoulder, Arm Abduction(Moving away)Shape (Upside down Triangle)
Thumb, Extend thumb backwards, shortJob, Location, Size
Thumb, Extend thumb backwards, longJob, Location, Size
Fingers, Extend FingersAction, Job, Location

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