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(Length) Definition Word
(3) to shed tears
(5) a burial vault
(3) a valley created through glacial erosion
(4) a sac without an opening
(3) not wet
(3) an insect of the order Dipthera
(5) a flight passing close to a specific location
(3) to cook in hot fat or oil
(6) a radical derived from glycine
(5) a non-verbal symbol conveying information
(3) a sporting facility
(4) a song of praise or worship
(5) bodily fluid made of mostly white blood cells
(5) to execute without legal trial
(4) a short-tailed wildcat
(5) an aromatic gum resin
(4) a traditional story embodying a belief
(5) a minor female deity relating to nature
(3) a layer of material
(3) to use leverage to open
(Length) Definition Word
(5) to put into the proper frame of mind
(5) a person with short stature
(6) a beat or meter
(4) an iron support
(3) timid
(3) upper atmosphere
(3) cunning, wily
(4) agile
(3) to watch secretly
(3) where pigs are kept
(5) a slender, graceful girl or woman
(4/5) to cause to operate in unison
(6) when the earth, moon, and sun are collinear
(3) possessive for 'thou'
(3) to attempt
(5) to agree to meet
(3) the reason or cause of something
(3) contorted
(3/4) Old English for W
(5) a univalent radical

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