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Can you name the words with eight or more anagrams (in OWL2)?

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1.1) playful skipping movements (6)
1.2) covers or drapes with a cloth
1.3) to cause to slope steeply
1.4) trained horses
1.5) ~3.26 lightyears
1.6) restates with a summary
1.7) to rub in order to remove an outer layer
1.8) transposition of clue 1.5
1.9) something that sets a particular distance apart
2.1) periods of sexual dormancy (7)
2.2) more restless
2.3) more unpleasant
2.4) heavy fabrics
2.5) keeps possession of
2.6) membranes of the eye
2.7) resin-flavored Greek wine
2.8) something that discolors or dirties
2.9) solid portion of fat
3.1) most lacking in color intensity (6)
3.2) a small bract (i.e. a leaflike plant part)
3.3) a soft, delicate hue; a crayon
3.4) leaflike parts of a flower
3.5) dishes
3.6) folds in an even manner
3.7) pertaining to a dividing membrane or partition (e.g. in the heart)
3.8) to fasten with a U-shaped metal piece
3.9) divisions of a perianth
4.1) warns (6)
4.2) makes different
4.3) collective farms in Russia
4.4) pertaining to the heat of a female mammal
4.5) one that continues in existence
4.6) carnivorous mammals
4.7) one who treats with a crystalline compound for seasoning or preservative
4.8) one who covers with roofing materal
4.9) less fresh
4.10) adjectival form of an inscribed slab used as a monument
4.11) former German coins
5.1) smallest in size or degree (5)
5.2) adjectival form of a coarse, stiff hair
5.3) metamorphic rock used as roofing material
5.4) not fresh
5.5) to take without permission
5.6) an inscribed slab used as a monument
5.7) Chinese units of weight
5.8) stories
5.9) river ducks
5.10) SI unit of magnetic induction
6.1) multiple mimics (5)
6.2) after (in French)
6.3) Turkish money of account
6.4) cuts of the outer covering of
6.5) to describe and analyze grammatically
6.6) fleshy fruits of the genus Pyrus
6.7) a greenish variety of chalcedony (a mineral)
6.8) musical symbol indicating the entry of different parts in a canon or round (it looks like this: ※)
6.9) multiple instances of nonconsensual sexual intercourse
6.10) cuts for harvest
6.11) extra, for replacement
6.12) a long, pointed weapon
7.1) generic name for any estrus-producing hormone (6)
7.2) things that lack active properties
7.3) to put in
7.4) buries
7.5) chemical salts
7.6) alternate spelling of 7.5
7.7) to make cohesive by the combined action of heat and pressure
7.8) a coin of ancient Rome
7.9) places in a particular astrological position

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