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Can you name the foods that begin with the letter B?

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cured meat from a pig
ring-shaped bread product
cross between a loganberry, blackberry, and raspberry
flour tortilla wrapped around a filling
cereal grain used in most beers
thin pancake made with yeast
herb featured in Italian cuisine
soft French cows' cheese
American sausage and deli meat
Italian condiment made from a reduction of cooked white grape juice
lean alternative to beef
confectionary similar to toffee
meat-based pasta sauce
dense dessert called by its pan's name
warm spiced dessert popular in the UK
baked edible product (even for your dog!)
crunchy Italian twice-baked cake
vegetable, 'flowering top of the cabbage'
dairy product made from churning cream or milk
fruit known for its crimson-colored flesh
world's third most popular beverage
17th century French sweet & housewife classic

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