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The 2 things that determine initial trajectory and shifts from peak to peak in Wright's shifting balance theory are the history of the population and this
The term for a difference in traits and choosiness between genders
The gender that shows increased fitness with an increased number of mates
The name of the theory that says selection should remove additive genetic variance in male traits
Adaptations by one sex increase mating success but decrease fitness of the opposite sex
A negative male-female fitness correlation between parent and offspring
One allele that represents 2 or more traits/characteristics
Alleles at one locus are non-randomly associated with alleles at another locus
The value of the disequilibrium coefficient (D) when there is maximum coupling and equal allele frequencies
The factor that eliminates gametic disequilibrium
The name for a substitution mutation involving the exchange of adenine for thymine
Most mutations that affect fitness are _______
Human mutation rates are generally close to the value of 10^_______
A reduction in mean fitness during the fixation of beneficial (or purging of deleterious) mutations
The formula given for segregational load applies to this selection regime
The movement of alleles from one species to another (when reproductive isolation mechanisms have not yet been developed)
Reduces the long term effects of drift
The magnitude of drift is inversely related to this factor
The overall effect of sustained migration upon a population
The establishment of a local population in a new habitat by a small number of individuals
The time to fixation due to drift alone (for rare alleles)
If a genotype is autozygous, then it must also be _______
If two individuals share the same allele, but that allele did not come from the same DNA molecule, the individuals alleles are identical by _______
The expression of hidden, deleterious alleles leads to this
If dN/dS is equal to 1, then evolution is _______
The crossing of inbred lines leading to offspring with higher fitness values than their parents

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