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a Chinese herb that comes from a leafless, desert shrub known as the horsetail plant
a name for a tea containing ephedra, used in the westward expansion of the US
Main ingredient in ma huang
synthetic form of ephedrine developed by Alles in 1927
amphetamine marketed in 1932 as a nonprescription inhalant for asthma
a (now banned) drug that was sold as a safe alternative to ecstacy
Another compound found in Ma huang
A type of tea; early khat administration method
main ingredient of khat
Catha ________; the plant that khat comes from
modified main ingredient of khat, synthesized in the Soviet Union in 1930 to treat depression
Khat is especially popular in this country
The part of the coca plant that is used for drug extraction
the first wine containing cocaine (7mg/oz) from 1863
The man who made French Cola Wine and later, Coca Cola
cocaine intermediate of cocaine and kerosene. May be smoked
Cocaine ________; 99% pure cocaine. May be injected or snorted
inability to produce dopamine during cocaine binges leading to temporary cessation of rewarding effects
Coca was used in this ancient empire. Initially it was a symbol of wealth, power, and religious influence
tablet form of amphetamine marketed in 1937
A more potent form of amphetamine synthesized in 1919
the combination of heroin and amphetamine (or methamphetamine and cocaine)
the antiobesity drug Preludin, briefly popular in the early 1970’s
Street name for methamphetamine when it is smoked
Street name for methamphetamine when it is inected
Street name for methamphetamine when it is used by male homosexuals
Chronic amphetamine use often led to psychotic behavior and aggression, leading to users being called this
The most common percent estimate of ADD pill prevalence in US universities and colleges
Percent of all pregnancies in the US in the 70’s involved barbituate exposed moms
unpredictable swings between intense emotion and a blunted effect, hallucinatory phenomena, and paranoid ideation
speed/crank bugs, feelings of small insects crawling on or under your skin (called white snakes by Freud)
an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events
GBR 12909/Vanoxerine treats this mental illness
impedes catabolism of GABA. Prevents cocaine induced place preferences and increases outcome for stimulant treatment
Appetite reduction effects are also called this
Stimulants act primarily on this neurotransmitter
The most important dopamine receptor in regards to rewarding effects of stimulants
a drug that depresses the activity of the CNS and has medical uses of relieving anxiety and inducing sleep
substance designed to blunt or alleviate feelings of anxiety
Introduced for the treatment of epilepsy in 1857, popular until the early 1900’s
synthesized in 1832. It’s an early version of a date rape drug. Primarily used as a sleep inducing agent in the form of syrups or capsules
chloral hydrate combined with alcohol
the active ingredient of chloral hydrate
used as a sedative and anticonvulsive for more than 100 years. Also used in the control of alcohol withdrawl
used to reduce sex drive (epilepsy resulting from masturbation), and as a hangover remedy
Barbituric acid was synthesized from urea and this acid found in apples
________barbituric acid; made in 1903, known as barbital or Veronal. Very popular in medicine to facilitate sleep and has daytime anxiolytic properties
Blue colored intermediate acting barbituate, synthesized in 1923. Its been used as a truth serum
Yellow. Short acting barbituate
Red. Short acting barbituate
A red and blue combination of barbituates; called christmas trees or rainbows
Modifications to this position of barbituric acid molecules forms barbituates
Short acting barbituates are short acting because they are more ________
Barbituate use declined because of the introduction of these drugs
Barbituates enhance the inhibitory actions of this neurotransmitter
synthesized in India as an antimalarial drug. Gives a heroin like high, has no medical value and high abuse potential
taking ludes with a lot of booze
associated with the first use of the word tranquilizer. One of the most widely prescribed drugs through the 60’s
a prescription muscle relaxant that is transformed into meprobamate in the body
The first benzo
the second, and most popular benzo
an intermediate acting benzo that heroin addicts like
roofies, the date rape drug. Illegal and mostly smuggled from Mexico
a widely prescribed sleeping pill in 1983 that caused aggressive dyscontrol, a rage reaction
accounted for 1/3 of benzo ER visits (Benzo visits account for 30% of total visits)
a benzo antagonist. It binds the benzo receptor on the GABA receptor complex
Benzos are minor tranquilizers, these are major
liquid ecstacy, easy lay, nature’s Quaalude. Similar effects to benzos and barbituates. Used in the treatment of narcolepsy
a symptom of narcolepsy, a sudden loss of muscle tone
converted in the body to easy lay; some drug dealers sell this instead
One molecule of glucose acted upon by yeast in the presence of heat and the absence of oxygen produces this many molecules of ethanol and an equal amount of CO2
Fermented honey, the first intentionally produced alcoholic drink
Egyptians attributed the invention to this god (of the afterlife)
The cult of ________ was devoted to heavy drinking in Greek times
The highest percent alcohol content of a fermented beverage
Distilled beverages from Italy in the 1200's were called this
Gin is made from potatoes and flavored with this berry
The English name for gin
This signer of the declaration if independence opposed alcohol
The organization that caused the enactment of prohibition in Canada (1918) and the US (1919)
A leading figure in the fight against alcohol in the US during the late 1800's; Carrie ________
The percent of people in westernized societies who have consumed alcohol at some point in their lives
Canada's rank in world per capita consumption of alcohol
The risk for suicide is this many times greater in alcoholics
Women tend to seek treatment after shorter drinking histories than me, so their drinking is said to be ________
A machine that produces a fine alcohol mist that is inhaled
A majority of ingested alcohol is absorbed by the ________
In the stomach, alcohol is metabolized by alcohol ________
Alcohol produces a loss of coordination and behavioral ataxia due to its effects on this body part
Alcoholics get a 'jolly red nose' due to chronic ________
The french paradox refers to their low incidence of this type of disease
Alcohol increases this cholesterol eliminator
Consumption of alcohol may lower levels of this neurotransmitter, leading to increased levels of impulsive, violent acts
A blackout characterized by the inability to recall any memories, even when prompted
Blackouts where certain events may be recalled or recalled by cueing
Blackouts are likely around BAC's of this level
A factor contributing to the likelihood and severity of hangovers, found in higher amounts in colored spirits
An accumulation of triglycerides in the liver during alcohol metabolism results in this syndrom
A condition characterized by the degeneration of liver cells and thickening of the surrounding tissues. The 3rd leading cause of death in persons 25-65
A condition of reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
Wernicke's encephalopathy is caused by a deficiency in this vitamin
An end point of Wernicke's encephalopathy associated with actual brain damage
The LD50 of alcohol BAC in humans
Alcohol exerts its effects on 2 neurotransmitter systems: GABA and this
Some alcohol effects may be mediated by these receptors, indicated by enhanced formation of anandamide
The ________ effect: alcohol has less of an effect during it's descending phase than it does at equal BAC during the ascending phase
The diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse requires this many qualities out of a possible 9
The co-occurrence of 2 or more psychiatric disorders. Seen in 40% of alcoholics
Term for alcohol withdrawl
Formerly the only drug approved for use in the treatment of alcoholism, based on aversion therapy
Another drug used in the treatment of alcoholism; an opiate and endorphin antagonist
A drug that reduces alcohol withdrawl and craving
A true alcoholic according to Jellinek; a ________ drinker
A 28 inpatient program to treat alcoholism; the ________ model
Alcohol preferring rats show a heightened preference for solutions containing this
Inherited alcoholism occurring primarily in males, with an early onset
Alcoholism caused by environmental and genetic factors, occurring in males in females after the age of 25
FH+ individuals show a higher blood concentration of this following the ingestion of alcohol
FH+ individuals show a lower activity level of this enzyme that catabolizes neurotransmitters
The oddball effect is associated with this evoked positive voltage change
The type of FAS features caused by drinking during the first trimester
The type of FAS deficiencies caused by drinking during the third trimester
A category of deficiency caused by maternal drinking that is more broad than FAS

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