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The ecosystem service that supplies humans with necessities
These ecosystems act as sponges during storms to help regulate our environment
Recreation and inspiration are part of the ________ ecosystem service
This man paints nature and makes mad bank
Decomposition, growth, and reproduction are involved in this ecosystem service
This man proposed HIPPO; the direct causes of biodiversity decline
An invasive plant species introduced to London in the 1700's
The virus that's killing the Western Lowland Gorilla
The most abundant animal in the ocean
The ichneumon wasp parasitizes the caterpillars of the ________ butterfly
Sunlight can penetrate the ocean to this depth (write miles)
The maximum amount of annual precipitation in the Arctic Tundra and Desert (cm)
The Boreal Forest lies between 52 and ________ degrees North
The main tree type in Boreal Forests
Precipitation in Boreal Forests ranges from ________ - 75cm
The main flora type in deserts
The soil in TDF is much more ________ than that of boreal forests (hyphenated)
The temperature range for TDF (cm; hyphen; no spaces)
The zoogeographic zone of North America is called this
The largest zoogeographic zone
The name of the African zoogeographic zone
The top half of the world makes up this floristic zone
The small floristic zone of South Africa (latin)
The outer crust of the earth that consists of plates is called this
North and South America became connected ________ mya
One of the 3 integrated biodiversity challenges
The biggest issue in endangering marine species
The percent of total oceanic respiration performed by microbes
Chitin is made of a structural polysaccharide and ________
The number of crustacean species
The number of arachnid species
The only arachnid with male and female parental care
Scarab beetles have ________ antennae
Pheromones are this type of chemical
The number of leaf beetle species

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