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Permanent paralyzation of a host during oviposition
Temporary or non-existent paralyzation of a host during oviposition
The number of Aculeata species
The more aggressive basal Aculeata family
The less aggressive basal Aculeata family
Eusocial colonies divide labor into groups called ________
Neighboring colonies release queens and males for mating during the ________ flight
The pollinating family that includes paper wasps yellow-jackets, and bald-faced hornets
The number of bee species
There are 12000 species of ants in this family
Ants may spray this type of acid from mouth glands
Ants make up this fraction of animal biomass in the Amazon rainforest
These ants have the most painful sting of all Aculeata species
A biological community and its physical environment
Buckminster Fuller created this mpa in 1954 showing the entire surface of the Earth
The number of described species living in oceans
The deepest part of the ocean
A main factor affecting the distribution of terrestrial biomes
This biome is cold year round and has low precipitation and biodiversity
This animal has 5 distinct subspecies that live in huge herds
Polar bears have these on their feet for grip
The largest biome with the lowest extremes in temperature
The species diversity of plants living in an area
Plants in an area described by the dominant plant form, regardless of taxa
This biome contains Poaceae and large grazing animals
This biome has large seasonal and daily temperature variations
The area where a group occurs, usually tied to habitat type
The species of honey bee that exists worldwide
The area of the world where honey bees don't live
The study of past and present distributions of biodiversity
Being unique to a particular geographic location
6 zones showing general ranges of birds and mammals
6 zones showing general ranges of plants
Multiple ice ages occured during this era
Pangea broke up during the Mesozoic era, in this period in particular
The northern part of Pangea following the breakup is referred to as Laurasia, the southern part is ________
The land mass connecting North and South America, formed 3 mya
The amount of species per unit of area
The most species rich zone in Canada
The minimum amount of annual rainfall in a tropical forest (cm)
Tropical rainforest covers this percent of Earth's surface, but contains more than half of all species
The layer of rainforest that grows up to 12 feet and has large leaves
Grow on other plants non-parasitcally
This ant has the fastest moving predatory appendages
This Costa Rican beetle produces bioluminescence
These ants form the largest animal societies on Earth
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