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Flies belong to this 'Big Four' order meaning two-winged
Modified hind-wings that are used for stabilization during flight
Advanced fly larvae
The number of fly species
Mosquitoes belong to this family
Mosquito bites itch due to the injection of an ________ during biting
The largest fly family; crane flies
These flies lay their eggs in running water
This family includes the only pollinators of the cacao plant
Horseflies belong to this advanced fly family
These flies have a characteristic indent between their eyes
This family includes hover flies, Batesian mimics of stinging wasps
The 4000 species of house fly belong to this family
Flesh flies belong to this family
These flies can be identified by their metallic coloring
The family Calliphoridae is used for this medical treatment
This family is responsible for the foundation of modern genetics experiments
Scale-winged insects, moth order
Moth wings are membranous and covered in ________
The number of moth species
A modified mouthpart used for drinking flower nectar
Caterpillars have 3 pairs of thoracic legs in front of 5 pairs of these
Tiny leg hooks that cling to silk
The monarch butterfly feeds on this poisonous plant
Warning coloration; a primary defense system
Hollow hairs filled with stinging fluid
This family causes human deaths every year in Brazil with their poisonours hairs
A feathery type of moth antennae
The family Arctiidae contains these moths
These moths from the family Bombycidae were domesticated in China 2000 years ago
The common name of the largest North American moths
This superfamily contains 5 butterfly families with clubbed antennae
The largest butterfly in Canada
Hymenoptera means ________ insect (hyphenated)
A series of tiny hooks on hind wings allowing them to hook to the front wings during flight
Wasp larvae spin silk from ________ silk glands
Group of stinging wasps
A Hymenopteran trait where unfertilized eggs become males and vice versa
A female wasp structure used to lay eggs into substrate
The common name for basal Hymenopterans
This Hymenopteran group contains families with a wasp waist
This family includes parasitoids of cockroach eggs
The largest wasp family with 20000 described species
The 2nd largest wasp family, parasitoids are highly specialized to a species and instar
A wasp genus in the family Braconidae with parasitoids that emerge from their host to pupate
An eversible thorax gland that emits terpenes to deter predators

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