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Arthropod limbs have this feature
Exoskeletons are made of this material
The Cambrian explosion occurred this many mya
Arthropods colonized the land during this period
This 'original arthropod' became extinct during the End-Permian mass extinction
Horseshoe crabs have this in their blood for oxygen transport
The part of an arachnid that contains the head
The part of an arachnid that may be present to connect the 2 body segments
The number of species of scorpions
Trait where eggs hatch as they are being laid
These appendages are expressed as claws in scorpions
Daddy-longlegs belong to this order
The number of species of daddy-longlegs
With 45,000 described species, this is the most diverse order of arachnids
Mites may utilize this trait, attaching to another organism for transport
The order Amblypygi contains these scorpions
The order Araneae (spiders) has this many species
Tarantula fangs cannot point ________
Jumping spiders belong to this family with 5000 species
The wings and legs of hexapods attach to this body region
Insects become present on land during this period 440 mya
The oldest insect fossils come from this period 420 mya
The coevolution of insects and angiosperms commenced during the Mesozoic period, this many mya
Basal insects lack these
Insect chemoreceptors are concentrated in this body part
The basal form of insect antennae
The derived antennae found in house flies
The name for insect body hairs
Another name for Type 1 metamorphosis
The name for stages in the molting process
Mayflies can't do this with their wings, unlike dragonflies
The order of straight-winged insects
The order Dictyoptera contains termites, mantids, and these
Aphids belong to this order
True bugs have specialized ________
A monophyletic class of insects that undergo complete metamorphosis
The order of beetles, sheath-winged insects
A name for beetle larvae
The front pair of beetle wings used exclusively for hind-wing protection
The number of beetle species
The largest beetle family, weevils
Rove beetles belong to this family with shortened elytra
The family Scarabaeidae contains this insect, the largest in the world
Scarabaeidae contains these beetles, important for cleanup and nutrient cycling
The family Chrysomelidae are commonly known as ________ beetles
The wood decomposing Harlequin beetle belongs to this family of long-horned beetles
The family Gyrinidae contains these beetles that live on the surface of fresh water
There are ________ species of ladybugs; family Coccinellidae
The ________ ladybug was introduced to North America in 1988 to control aphids, but is now a pest

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