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Begins with...And the answer is:A clue?
AHow the Didact describes Cortana, 'an evolved _____'
BThe name given to the 2nd incarnation of the Didact
CQuadrupedal promethean AI
DUNSC made semi-automatic rifle
ECovenant melee weapon (not gravity hammer)
FCreators of the Halo array and Shield worlds
GThe most advanced Flood form
HThe first human planet to be attacked by the Covenant
IThe ship that saves John-117 after his destruction of a Covenant capital ship
JThe only surviving member of Noble team
KJacob and Miranda
LThe race of the Hunters
MThe AI that was designed to fight the Flood but ultimately defected to them
Begins with...And the answer is:A clue?
NThe city attacked by the Hierarchs following the Covenant seige of Earth
OA planet that turned out to be an artificial construct
PInfamous Sangheili terrorist killed by Fireteam Crimson on Requiem
QThe area surrounding the library of Installation 05, set up by the Covenant
RHigh Prophet killed by John-117 in the temple of Installation 05
SUNSC super soldier
TBrute Chieftain
UThe race of the Grunts
VThe Arbiter, Thel _____
WUNSC infantry transport with 4-wheel drive
XJust type the letter x, 'cos there isn't anything in the Halo Universe that begins with x as afar as I'm aware
YThe race of the Drones
ZMultiplayer map with a large wheel at the centre

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