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I lost to Katie on an elimination challenge during Cutthroat. I was on Grey team.
I can't finish Battle of The Exes II Final. I know i suck.
I appeared on Battle of The Exes and Battle of The Exes II with Diem as my partner on both season.
I was Kenny's partner during Fresh Meat II
My ex wife and I are the last one standing for Team Austin on Battle of The Seasons.
I am the female cast that has been on most seasons of The Challenge
I won both Rivals and Rivals II
I was the only girl make it to the final on Cutthroat from Red Team.
I am a ginger. When i fight i rip my shirt off. Derek was my partner on Rivals II
I was the first girl eliminated from Free Agents
I made it to the final twice and always finish 3rd place. I love Tamara so much.
I was the one who sent Ruthie home on The Duel II
Just because i have a gay porn past doesn't mean i'm a bad person
I am glad i get to be Knight's Teammate on Battle of The Seasons and Knight's Partner on Rivals II.
Me and Jenn went to the final for Blue Team on Cutthroat
On Fresh Meat II, i wasn't get picked. Eventually i have to partnered up with Evelyn.
I wear Green Jersey on Rivals II. Laura was my ex.
Jonna was my rival but now she is my true alliance. By the way i hooked up with Johnny Reilly once LOL
I used to have a fling with Beth. I was Evan's partner on Rivals
I flipped all the cards during the draw on Free Agents. That was one of my stupidest mistake.
I won both Rivals II and Battle of The Seasons but my journey on Free Agents ends because of stupid infection.
I was eliminated but then came back again to replace Nia as Leroy's partner on Battle of The Exes II
My partner, Sydney and lied about the exile to the entire house on Fresh Meat II LOL
I was the last girl standing on Team St. Thomas during Battle of The Seasons
On Rivals, i partered up with Tyrie.
On Battle of The Exes II, my partner got sent home because sexual harrasment. I have to partnered up with Theresa and we finished 2nd.
I stuck with Bad Thor as my partner on Battle of The Exes II
I got sent home because my partner got injured on Battle of The Exes.
My partner got sent home and i have to partenered up with Cara Maria. We finished 2nd tho.
Priscilla and I did pretty bad on Battle of The Exes. Wish we had another chance.

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