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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Recruited Spartacus into the Roman Auxiliary. After Sparatcus lead the Thracian revolt, he captured Spartacus and sentenced him to death at gladium.
Wife of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. She harbors feelings toward Crixus, to her husbands ignorance.
The Beast of Carthage.
Wife of Spartacus, sold to slavery when he was captured.
The only friend Spartacus has in the ludus. He was a free Roman but sold himself to be a gladiator in order to pay off his gambling debts and provide for his wife and young son.
Owner of the ludus at which Spartacus, Crixus, and the others train
The trainer of all gladiators at the ludus of Batiatus. Before Spartacus and Crixus, he was the only man to face Theokoles in the arena and live.
Owner of Batiatus's rival ludus.
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
The Undefeated Champion of Capua. A Gaul, said to be, 'the greatest of his kind.' He and Spartacus have had a rough relationship from the start.
Once a Thracian fighting in the Roman Auxilary, he lead a revolt against Claudius Glaber but was captured and sentenced to death. After defying all odds and surviving in the arena.
Once a gladiator this man is despised by most gladiators in the ludus. After Crixus crippled him in a fight, he acts as a bookie for Batiatus.
The Shadow of Death. The Undefeated Celt. Only one has stood in the arena against him and lived.
Wife of Claudius Glaber. She is a dear friend to Lucretia, and tries on several occasions to kill Spartacus to regain her husbands honor. However, her attempts come to no avail.
Lucretia's personal slave who, secretly, is romantically involved with Crixus. She was one of the few to witness the death of Barca.
Barca's lover. He is a common slave in charge of the training equipment. He commits suicide when he thinks Barca has left him.
A slave girl who is ordred by Lucretia to seduce Spartacus. Although Spartacus refuses, he sends her on a mission to find Varro's wife.

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