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Can you name the Confederate Generals Present at The Battle of Gettysburg?

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GeneralChose to side with the Confederacy because he could not lead an army against his home of Virginia
Lieutenant GeneralAfter the death of Stonewall Jackson, this man became Lee's number two
Brigadier GeneralBest friends with USA General Hancock. his nickname was Lo.
Brigadier GeneralHis brigade was part of the main assault units in Pickett's Charge. He was captured by Union troops after, however he was later reclaimed by his comrades
Major GeneralRequested permission from Longstreet to go around and flank the Union army, he was denied. He also took a bullet at Gettysburg, putting him on the sidelines for the remainder of the battle.
Brigadier GeneralCalled a coward by Stonewall Jackson. Jackson died before this man could redeem himself, so at Gettysburg he decided to give the ultimate sacrifice
Lieutenant GeneralAfter losing his leg, this man was never quite the same decisive leader he once was; often deferring to General Hill
Major GeneralStepped up to take command of W. Dorsey Pender's Division for Pickett's Charge
Major GeneralAfter the charge which took his name, this general, when told by Lee to tend his division, said to General Lee, 'General Lee, sir, I have no division.'
Major GeneralLeft the Confederate army blind as he and his cavalry went on a joyride instead of scouting for Union troops as they were supposed to.
Major GeneralThis man accidentally started the battle of Gettysburg when he sent two brigades on a scouting mission and they ran into Union Brigade General John Buford and his cavalry.

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