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Can you name the facts about It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Charlie Kelly?

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What is Charlie's Favorite Hobby?
What is Charlie's favorite food?
Who did Charlie dress as at High School sporting events to get everyone excited?
Who is believed to be Charlie's father?
Why does Charlie wear his pajamas/ 'outfits' when he sleeps?
What drug/toxin does Charlie claim he O.D's on regularly?
What does Charlie hate more than anything?
What is the nickname given to what Charlie does around the bar?
Charlie put this up as a prize in a dance competition thinking he put it under the 'pride' section while filling out the form.
Charlie was seen eating this while reading Dennis's memoirs.
What does Charlie say he is to his date while on a blind date? (He meant to say Philanthropist)
Who does Charlie dress up as when Frank and Dennis tell him he can't be a fake cop with them?
Charlie is obsessed with who?
According to Charlie what is one of his 'likes'?

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