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These people are loosely associated with the Stern Show.

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General Manager while at K-Rock. Lost to Stuttering John in a golf match.
Black man who was Robin's boyfriend for ten years.
First name of Ronnie Mund's girlfriend.
JD took this woman on a date in California. Also an escort.
Eric the Actor's manager. His father was a member of the mafia.
Comedian who asked Howard to write the foreword for his book. Not Artie Lange.
An early female H100 reporter. Hated Steve Langford.
Artie fought with this comedian on air for not getting paid after a gig.
Went to Disney World by himself. Came out on air.
Gary Dell'abate's youngest son.
Benjy Bronk's ex girlfriend. Attempted a singing career.
Porn Star who called Artie a racist. Artie prank called her on air.
Howard Stern's agent.
George Takei's husband. George is concerned about his weight.
King of all Blacks shared a radio show with this man.
Staffer who gave baby clothes to Shuli and demanded them back.
Fat divorce lawyer who was a regular caller.
VP of Promotions and Marketing for Sirius. Vacations to Miami frequently. Has a bald spot.
Ronnie yelled LFSW at this man's wedding.
Had a sports show on H100 before leaving for CBS.

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