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color gemdescription
whiteAn uncommon gem of unique beauty for its color and shape similar to Webkinz World's most mystical pet.
whiteA common gem with a dull shine and mixed color.
redThe least valuable of the uncommon gems, yet its red radiance looks like living lava itself.
greenAn uncommon gem not to be toyed with for its virulent value.
red One of the most valuable of the common gems with a sparkle to light up any collection.
blue A virtual rainbow caught in this valuable sky-blue common gem.
greenThis chunk of green glitter may be of lower value for common gems, but it's still a stunner.
greenSometimes even the most common of gems can still generate some juicy jealousy.
whiteA common gem whose glitter is greater than its goods.
redA highly valuable gem of bold red shape and color.
redThe most valuable of the common gems, its flame-like color will put a glint in the eye of any collector.
whiteAn amazing uncommon gem whose sparkle is as dazzling as its spikes!
yellowAnother of the most valuable uncommon gems, reminiscent in shape to an Egyptian pyramid.
blue You'll soon get around to appreciating the beauty of this common valuable gem.
yellowAlthough common, there are few gems which can eclipse its quality
color gemdescription
blueLike tears from the earth, you'll want to cry once you have this uncommon gem in your collection.
greenMid-range value as a rare gem, but certainly not in its spectacular beauty.
yellowThe most valuable of uncommon gems, distinct for its linked-sphere shape.
yellowThe least valuable of rare gems, this haunting halo of hues will still inspire any collector.
greenAny collector with an eye for uncommon gems will appreciate this unique sparkling sight.
whitethe most rare and valuable of all gems in webkinz world for its exquisiteness and shape
blueYou won't be able to clam up once you discover the splendor of this uncommon gem.
greenHatched from the earth itself, this common gem will nest perfectly in your collection.
red Low value for uncommon gems, but still gorgeous with the golden-red glow of sunset sap.
yellowDon't let this common gem's shape sour you on pursuing it for your collection.
blueA blue as deep as the ocean itself, this rare beauty is a must-have gem.
red One of the most valuable of the common gems with a sparkle to light up any collection.
yellowYou'll be a star for finding this common gem with its sumptuous yellow shimmer.
whiteThe most common pickings of the Webkinz World gems.
blueGet caught up in this common gem's current of beautiful blue waves.A virtual rainbow caught in this valuable sky-blue common gem.

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