Men of Sex and the City

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Character QuoteBoyfriend NameWoman He Dated
'My face is clean, I'm wearing shoes and a shirt. Let's dance.'
'I'm a romantic. I just have so much feeling.'
'I guess old habits die hard.'
'Yeah, you are, but you're my ****.'
'Your two best friends just got screwed over by their guys, how could you not be distant.'
'I rarely think of the past. I only care of what will happen today, tonight, tomorrow.'
'I talked it over with my penis and we both agree.'
'I heard the weather this morning but they didn't say anything about a **** storm.'
'I have a life, I was just making room for you in it.'
'Now, do you sing to him.'
'Half-off. That's all it's called now, half-off.'

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