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Can you name the four-letter word found in a larger word in each TV show title?

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HintAnswerTV Station, Debut Year
C____mateCBS, 1960
O____e Is The New BlackNetflix, 2013
A____ a BoyNBC, 2014
The Little ____leTLC, 2009
Undate____NBC, 2014
____amFox, 2014
Qu____coABC, 2015
____stromFox, 2015
The News____HBO, 2012
The ____derFox, 2015
Hemlock G____Netflix, 2013
The Af____Showtime, 2014
Candid ____raABC, 1948
The New ____alNBC, 2012
Dared____Netflix, 2015
HintAnswerTV Station, Debut Year
Nurse ____ieShowtime, 2009
____ressesABC, 2013
Cha____ LifeABC Family, 2014
Young and ____ryABC Family, 2014
Fawlty T____sBBC, 1975
____ers of SexShowtime, 2013
S____t's CreekCBC, 2015
S____ TankABC, 2009
B____ishABC, 2014
Super____CBS, 2015
Limit____CBS, 2015
Blind____NBC, 2015
Loo____HBO, 2014
The F____The CW, 2014
Good W____Hallmark Channel, 2015

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