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Can you name the four-letter word found in a larger word in each TV show title?

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HintAnswerTV Station, Debut Year
____aby JonesCBS, 1973
E____body Loves RaymondCBS, 1996
Wizards of Waverly P____Disney, 2007
Mem____ BeatTNT, 2010
Hot in Clev____dTVLand, 2010
Ac____ing to JimABC, 2001
The ____ford FilesNBC, 1974
Leve____TNT, 2008
Home Imp____mentABC, 1991
Dog the Bounty ____erA&E, 2004
S____ StandingCBS, 2002
____ed States of TaraShowtime, 2009
____netNBC, 1952
De____ing WomenCBS, 1986
C____ to HomeCBS, 2005
HintAnswerTV Station, Debut Year
____d by the BellNBC, 1989
Mat____NBC, 1986
Sw____ed at BirthABC Family, 2011
The Andy G____ith ShowCBS, 1960
The F____ of LifeNBC, 1979
____en GirlsNBC, 1985
San____ and SonNBC, 1972
Charlie's An____ABC, 1976
Early ____ionCBS, 1996
Feli____The WB, 1998
Tyler Perry's Meet the ____nsTBS, 2009
In Plain ____tUSA, 2008
Happy En____sABC, 2011
The Drew ____y ShowABC, 1995
Wi____t a TraceCBS, 2002

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