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Can you name the four-letter word found in a larger word in each TV show title?

Quiz Updated Feb 5, 2016

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HintFour-Letter WordTV Station, Debut Year
Cros____ JordanNBC, 2001
____dalABC, 2012
C____edThe WB, 1998
The Wal____ DeadAMC, 2010
____gate SG-1Syfy, 1997
The Ellen De____res ShowNBC, 2003
Bre____g BadAMC, 2008
____rn FamilyABC, 2009
____ieCBS, 1954
____ing SkiesTNT, 2011
The Menta____CBS, 2008
____leABC, 2009
____lNBC, 1961
HintFour-Letter WordTV Station, Debut Year
Hom____dShowtime, 2011
Fri____NBC, 1994
F____eFOX, 2008
Pa____hoodNBC, 2010
____ifiedFX, 2010
Bew____edABC, 1964
Grey's An____yABC, 2005
____er EdCBS, 1961
Gil____ GirlsThe WB, 2000
____elessShowtime, 2011
How I Met Your ____erCBS, 2005
Sons of An____yFX, 2008
7th H____nThe CW, 1996

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