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Can you name the final phrase (related to the starting phrase) by following the directions?

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1) Type 'Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows.'
2) Erase all 'H's and 'T's.
3) Erase all 'E's.
4) Erase all 'R's.
5) Erase one of the two letters anywhere the same letter appears twice consecutively.
6) Change the third consonant from the right to an 'E.'
7) Erase the first vowel from the right.
8) Change the third letter from the left to an 'R.'
9) Move the letter at the end to the position directly before the second vowel from the right.
10) Remove the first letter.
11) Switch the fourth and fifth letters from the left.
12) Switch the seventh and eighth letters from the left.
13) Double the letter that is directly in the middle of the letter cluster.
14) Switch the fifth and sixth letters from the right.
15) Switch the sixth and seventh letters from the right.
16) Switch the fifth and sixth letters from the right.
17) Change the third vowel from the right to an 'E.'
18) Switch the sixth and seventh letters from the left.
19) Remove the first letter.
20) Reverse the order of the last seven letters to complete the morph.

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