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Can you complete the three-letter word ladders, in which each column is a separate ladder and in which color-coded boxes are Gen. 1 Pokémon?*

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Pokémon: Rhyhorn → ?
Entertainer Siegfried's partner

Type of milk for the lactose-intolerant
'Sun,' in Spanish

Pokémon: Zubat → ?
Hebrew Biblical term for 'nation'


To attempt

TV show starring Eliza Dushku: '___ Calling'
The main character of 'Despicable Me'

Pokémon: ? → Muk
Magnetic/radiowave scan for imaging the body
Self-based avatar for the system in the following clue
Game console released by Nintendo in 2006
Federal nutrition assistance program for poor females and tots
What a singer uses to be heard through speakers, for short

Pokémon: ? → Machoke

Collegiate athletic conference that includes the Univ. of Idaho
Pokémon: Squirtle → ?

Pokémon: ? → Rapidash


To tap


A pub

Pokémon: Can't survive without its leek stalk
To electronically scan and transmit a document via telecommunication links
1979 Mel Gibson/Joanne Samuel film: 'Mad ___'

To disfigure

Adult males

Pokémon: ? → Primeape

Solo of 'Star Wars,' or a Chinese dynasty
Adam's equivalent in the writings of Blake, or the sound of a laugh

Pokémon: ? → Seadra


The summit or peak

Pokémon: ? → Starmie


The opposite of 'nay'

A spherical green seed vegetable
A payment made to a professional in exchange for services

Suitable; healthy

A propelling flattened appendage on a fish
A clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain/malt, flavored with juniper berries
Pokémon: Haunter → ?
Barbie's man


Actress Tina of '30 Rock'

Pokémon: Spearow → ?


To discern or glimpse

Small stand where a football is placed for kick-off

A wheatlike cereal plant that tolerates poor soils and low temperatures
A substance used to add a color to something
Planned for at a certain time

To signal or remind
Argentine Marxist revolutionary Guevara


Doctor of Philosophy

A sketchbook

To gallivant about

A cylindrical container for food storage
The jowl

Uncooked (ie: meat)


To trim (ie: one's lawn)

Pokémon: Another Pokémon was created via its cloned DNA

The solvent butanone

Pokémon: Grimer → ?

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