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▼ Sarah Braverman's new husband ▼
To listen attentively (e.g. when the Herald Angels sing)
Difficult or strenuous
The ace of spades or the two of diamonds
A string or lace
Describes an institution that educates both sexes
Slang for 'street credibility'
A group of people who operate a ship
▼ Sarah Braverman's son ▼
To produce a picture by making lines and marks with pen on paper
To pull or haul
A medicine or narcotic
Animated sitcom starring the title character and his dog Porkchop
Relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner
The number of calling birds in the '12 Days of Christmas'
A penalty or invalid play in sports
Any domesticated bird kept for its eggs or flesh
The lower part of a person's cheek, especially when it is drooping
▼ Julia Braverman-Graham's husband ▼
Biden, Montana, and Jackson
'You Had Me' singer-songwriter Stone
This Kate was the 2nd-highest earning fashion model in 2012, according to Forbes
To jump and dance to rock music violently
Material made of a network of wire or thread
Psychostimulant cooked by Walter White on 'Breaking Bad'
▼ Sarah Braverman's ex-husband ▼
What one does to a table prior to a meal
Perceives with the eyes
To search for something
▼ Julia Braverman-Graham's father ▼
Pluralized phonetic spelling of the alphabet's last letter
The main character of the anime series Kiba, and Bobcat Goldthwait's 'Police Academy' character
Portable electronic devices that diagnose cardiac irregularities and treat them through defibrillation
What one does to two numbers to find a sum
'First' computer programmer Lovelace and female pro boxer Vélez
▼ Kristina Braverman's husband ▼

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