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Can you complete the three-letter word ladders, in which each column is a separate ladder and in which color-coded boxes are element names?*

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Atomic number 16

To drink by sips or spoonfuls

Small container for drinking from

Atomic number 29

Reserved and modest (ie: to be alluring)

A young man



Atomic number 96

Greek goddess of violent death


Normal expected score for a golf hole
Drinking establishment

Armonk, NY-based tech company with 8-bar logo


The answer to an addition problem

A video game that imitates an activity (e.g. playing a sport)
Atomic number 47

A thousandth of an inch, or 1000 in Spanish

Atomic number 25

A cylindrical metal container (e.g. of soda)

Atomic number 6

A company that adds features to and re-sells existing products


Atomic number 32



Officially prohibit


An instance of deceiving or tricking someone

Be able or permitted to




Abbreviation for the time zone of Boston, MA
Radio operator code describing a radio signal's quality
A long, deep furrow made by repeated wheel traffic
Alcohol specialty of Captain Morgan


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