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Can you name the answers in the word ladder and figure out the mystery celebrities based on the surrounding words?

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1. With #11, a country/pop singer *
2. To acquire knowledge through study or experience
3. Actor Denis who starred on FX's 'Rescue Me'
4. Having undesired holes through which liquid may drip
5. Julian Assange created Wiki_____
6. Pointed mountaintops
7. Units of dry volume equal to 2 gallons, or bird nips
8. Triangular pieces of plastic, rubber, etc., used to strum guitars
9. Moranis, Ross, and Santorum
10. Seeds of monocot plants, or cereal grains
11. With #1, a country/pop singer *
12. Performers who tell stories without speaking
13. A top-selling U.S. brand of hard lemonade
14. According to the Life cereal commercial, he 'likes it'
15. With #36, an actress and singer *
16. Rapper with Top 10 hits 'Never Be Your Woman' and 'Wearing My Rolex'
17. Titular movie orca whale who was freed
18. Beaver's older brother on 'Leave It To Beaver'
19. 2008 Pixar film about a waste-cleaning robot
20. With #27, an Oscar-winning actress *
21. Cough drop brand advertised as having 'Vapor Action'
22. Round objects used in sports
23. Chicago's pro basketball team
24. One who uses strength or power to intimidate weaker people
25. Heavily built
26. Prickly
27. With #20, an Oscar-winning actress *
28. Cheerful and lively
29. To wed
30. To lift and transport something
31. Pop diva Mariah _____
32. Feels concern for
33. Exposes, or makes known
34. Cowsheds
35. Alien macrovirus in the Stephen King novel/film 'Dreamcatcher,' aka the Ripley
36. With #15, an actress and singer *

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