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Can you name the answers in the word ladder and figure out the mystery celebrities based on the surrounding words?

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1. With #6, a comedienne *
2. Items you would buy at Ollivander's in Diagon Alley
3. What the moon does when it appears to decrease in size
4. Ceremonies associated with death, often with the body present
5. Japanese alcoholic drinks made from fermented rice
6. With #1, a comedienne *
7. Small children (ie: boys)
8. Physically captures or seizes
9. Domesticates
10. One who trains wild animals
11. It keeps tracks of cooking durations on your oven
12. With #21, an athlete *
13. Landlocked African nation with capital Niamey
14. A second job done illegally or without reporting for tax purposes
15. A social event where a fraternity and sorority get together to drink and socialize
16. Combines or puts together to form one substance
17. With #28, a musician *
18. Pigmented birthmarks present at birth
19. Gives shape
20. Emotional states
21. With #12, an athlete *
22. Popular Zynga game: _____ With Friends
23. Electoral districts or units of local government
24. There are 52 in a deck
25. Feels concern
26. Large natural underground chambers
27. Matthews, Navarro, and Grohl
28. With #17, a musician *

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