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QUIZ: Can you name the words in the four-letter 'Glee'-themed word ladder*?

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♫ Character played by Jayma Mays ♫
Black Eyed Peas song: '_____ Be'
Hogwarts librarian Pince
'Armed Assault' Bohemia Interactive first- and third-person shooter
For a rectangle, it is equal to length multiplied by width
Spanish word for 'tar'; fittingly, the name of the L.A. tar pits
Jermaine's partner in the duo Flight of the Conchords
An ill-mannered child
To trounce or defeat
An edible seed (e.g. of a legume)
♫ Character played by Robin Trocki ♫
Christina Hendricks' character on 'Mad Men'
To make a long, low sound expressing suffering
Short word for the time period between dawn and noon
Mindy's titular partner, Robin Williams' TV alien
To deride or ridicule
A pustule
♫ Character played by Mark Salling ♫
What you do to drink with a straw
To be morosely silent due to resentment
Natural protein fiber obtained from larval cocoons
2008 Sean Penn film about California's first openly gay official
A building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour
♫ Character played by Matthew Morrison ♫
'Street' that is New York City's financial district
Grammy-nominated 'Lotus Flower Bomb' rapper
Ceremonial watch over the body of a dead person prior to burial
♫ Character played by Jacob Artist ♫
A hard, typically green stone used for ornaments
♫ Character played by Alex Newell ♫
To move one's hand to and fro in greeting
♫ Character played by Max Adler ♫
To have the courage to do something
To move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly
Small, open, 4-wheeled vehicle after which a popular Mario racing series is named
♫ Character played by Chris Colfer ♫
♫ Character played by Mike O'Malley ♫
Rear end
Dog (especially a mongrel)
♫ Character played by Dijon Talton ♫
Partner or spouse
Tiny, often parasitic arachnid that can infest stored food products
♫ Character played by Harry Shum, Jr. ♫
To enjoy or find agreeable
A queue
Penalty fee exacted by a court of law
♫ Character played by Cory Monteith ♫
Spiritual genies of Islamic mythology, or the surname of Qui-Gon of 'Star Wars'
A person or thing that brings bad luck
Term for a boldly flirtatious young woman
Wife of Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'
♫ Character played by Jenna Ushkowitz ♫
Very small
Soprano, Stark, or Micelli
American colonist who supported the British during the American Revolution
♫ Character played by Damian McGinty ♫

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