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Can you name the words in the themed word ladder (theme: famous poets)?

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1. 'Daddy,' 'A Life' *
2. A dish
3. Bashful or sheepish
4. 'The Chimney Sweeper,' 'The School Boy' *
5. Mechanical device that inhibits motion
6. Short-billed Rallidae bird, or Oryx's titular partner in a Margaret Atwood novel
7. 'A learned man came to me once,' 'A spirit sped' *
8. Slang for methamphetamine, or someone who is grumpy
9. Sinatra, or a hot dog
10. Beef steak cut from the cow's abdominal muscles
11. Narrow-necked glass container for chemicals in a lab, or a small bottle for alcohol
12. Jay Garrick's superhero identity, or a camera's light
13. Soft muscle/fat substance found between a mammal's skin and bones
14. Young, or newly made
15. A college freshman
16. 'The Road Not Taken,' 'Fire and Ice' *

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