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Can you complete the three-letter word ladders, in which each column is a separate ladder and in which color-coded boxes are animated Disney character names?*

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Gypsy friend of Quasimodo who marries Capt. Phoebus
Zac Efron-starring TV musical (abbrev.)

Not her

Pinocchio's wise cricket pal

Jelly or marmalade

Freemasons, or 'family' abbreviated
Bambi's friend and love interest

Casual alteration of 'girl'

Comic strip character: athletic director Thorp
Honest John's con man partner



Notorious Irish terrorist organization
Emmy-winning celebrity chef Garten


Frozen over

Water's solid phase


Lodge or motel

Charged atom or molecule




Actress Michele of 'Glee'

Confederate general Robert E., or a jeans brand
Stand from which a golf ball is struck

Deadlock or draw

Winnie the Pooh's bouncy buddy
To prepare a ship for sailing

Piece of old cloth

Aladdin constantly eludes this captain of the guards
Actress Vega of '10 Items or Less,' or 'peace' in Spanish
A stupid or clumsy person

Simba's mandrill mentor

Charles, Lewis, or LaMontagne

Homosexual, or cheery

Slow-moving, 'primitive' ray-finned fish


Archaic or poetic contraction for 'over'

First-person plural possessive adjective

Wise storyteller in the Hundred Acre Wood

Dwight Eisenhower's nickname


To glide over snow on two long, hard, slender runners
Reggae forerunner originating in Jamaica in the '60s
One-named singer of 'Titanium' and 'Chandelier'

'Paper Planes' female rapper
Villainous 'Madam' from 'The Sword in the Stone'

Dad's wife

The sound a cow makes

Kanga's son in the Hundred Acre Wood

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