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Can you name the answers linking two three-word Beatles' song titles via word ladders?

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Ladder 1 (4 letters)
Minnesota's NHL team 
Of moderate severity 
5,280 feet 
Describing a boy or man 
Exchange of a commodity for money 
An unspecified number of people or things 
Ladder 2 (5 letters)
Sweet, sticky fluid made by bees from nectar 
Sharpens (e.g. a skill) 
Popular undergarment brand based in North Carolina 
Strongly dislikes 
Blanchett, Tiernan, and Rangel 
To provide food and drink at an event, as a professional 
More adorable 
Semi-aquatic fish-eating mammal of the weasel family 
Refers to something different from one already mentioned 
Ladder 3 (3 letters)
A baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry 
Animal from which we get pork 
A dog of a dwarf breed (e.g. bulldog) with a broad flat nose and deeply wrinkled face 
To bother or annoy 
To purchase 
A man, or the first name of Madonna's ex Ritchie 
Song Titles
Formed by first words (♪) 
Formed by last words (♬) 

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