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Can you name the celebrity surnames, where the letters in the last syllable of one name begin the next name?

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Chain #1
KATE: Lead actress in 'Titanic' as Rose. 
DAVID: Former 'Late Show' host on CBS. 
JOE: Played Alcide on 'True Blood' and Brad on 'How I Met Your Mother.' 
LINDSAY: Law-bending actress and daughter of Dina and Michael. 
GEORGE FRIDERIC: Baroque composer of 'Messiah.' 
DANA: Starred as Megan Hunt on 'Body of Proof.' 
Chain #2
JOAQUIN: Played Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line.' 
RICHARD: 'I am not a crook' U.S. President. 
YOKO: Japanese wife of the Beatles' John Lennon. 
CHRISTOPHER: Director of 'Inception' and the 'Batman' franchise. 
ANN: Pen name of 'Chicago Sun-Times' advice columnist Ruth Crowley. 
Chain #3
SIMON: 'X-Factor' and former 'American Idol' judge. 
JACOBY: MLB Yankees center fielder from Madras, Oregon. 
NOLAN: MLB pitcher who pitched seven no-hitters but never won a Cy Young Award. 
DAVE: Played Justin on 'Brothers & Sisters.' 
DREW: Starting NFL Patriots quarterback from 1993-2001 who was the #1 overall draft pick in 1993. 
Chain #4
KATE: Played Lois Lane in 'Superman Returns.' 
SAM: Played Jake Sully in 'Avatar.' 
BRUNO: Italian choreographer and 'Dancing With The Stars' judge. 
EVANGELINE: Played Kate Austen on 'Lost.' 
Chain #5
MARTHA: Business magnate, homemaker, and publisher of self-titled 'Living' magazine. 
CHESTER: 21st U.S. President. 
ELIZABETH: Played Vanessa Kensington in 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.' 
JIM: MLB player who debuted in 1990 for the Yankees; admitted to amphetamine use in 2001. 
Chain #6
ZOE: Played Neytiri in 'Avatar.' 
RAFAEL: Spanish pro tennis player, nicknamed 'The King of Clay.' 
ROBERTO: MLB player who won more Gold Gloves than any other second baseman in history. 
CONSTANTINE: Current Broadway star; sixth-place finalist on 'American Idol,' Season 4. 
Chain #7
CARRIE: Played Princess Leia Organa in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy. 
NICOLLETTE: Played Edie Britt on 'Desperate Housewives.' 
BLYTHE: Played Dina Byrnes in the 'Meet the Parents' movie; mother of Gwyneth Paltrow. 
ERIK: Famous developmental psychologist who coined the phrase 'identity crisis.' 
Chain #8
FRANCIS FORD: Director of 'The Godfather' and its sequel. 
PADMA: 'Top Chef' host since 2006. 
VANESSA: Former 'TRL' host currently engaged to Nick Lachey. 
JENNIFER: Current 'American Idol' judge and wife of Marc Anthony. 
Chain #9
GEORGE: Creator of the 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' film series. 
FIDEL: First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba until 2011. 
RAY: Played Ray Barone on 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' 
EDWARD: Played the Narrator in 'Fight Club.' 

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