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Can you name the celebrity surnames, where the letters in the last syllable of one name begin the next name?

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Chain #1
ALEC: Plays Jack Donaghy on '30 Rock.' 
PAUL: Played Lieut. Ed Traxler in 'The Terminator.' 
CECIL: Retired MLB baseball player who won the 1996 Babe Ruth Award. 
BO: Model/actress who has been involved with actor John Corbett since 2002. 
Chain #2
JANE: Two-time Academy Award winner who starred in 'Monster-in-Law.' 
MATT: Male lead in the first three 'Bourne' films. 
JOE: Retired Hall of Fame NFL quarterback who played for the San Francisco 49ers for 14 seasons. 
JOE: Retired Hall of Fame NFL quarterback nicknamed 'Broadway Joe.' 
Chain #3
WINSTON: Great Britain Prime Minister during most of WWII. 
LAURA: Her novel 'Seabiscuit' was made into an Academy Award nominated film. 
MARLON: Played Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather.' 
PETER: Holds the record for most competitive Academy Award acting nominations without a win. 
Chain #4
JERRY: His self-named show is 'a show about nothing.' 
COREY: Played Teddy Duchamp in 'Stand by Me.' 
HOWIE: Host of 'Deal or No Deal.' 
BENICIO: Portrayed Javier Rodriguez in 'Traffic' and Jack Rafferty in 'Sin City.' 
JULIA: Star of 'Pretty Woman' and 'Erin Brockovich.' 
Chain #5
STEVEN: Played Casey Ryback in 'Under Siege.' 
JESSICA: Star of 'Dark Angel' TV series. 
KEVIN: Played Ren McCormack in 'Footloose' and Jack Swigert in 'Apollo 13.'' 
LAUREN: Original main character of MTV's 'The Hills.' 
DANIEL: Portrays the title character in the 'Harry Potter' films. 
Chain #6
JOHN: In the American Revolution, the only colonial governor to support the Americans. 
SANDRA: She starred in 'Miss Congeniality' and 'The Blind Side.' 
HEATHER: Played Amanda Woodward on 'Melrose Place.' 
DENIS: Star and co-creator of the TV show 'Rescue Me.' 
WINONA: Actress who shoplifted and dated Depp. 
Chain #7
LEE ANN: Country music artists whose hits include 'I Hope You Dance' and 'The Fool.' 
JENSEN: Plays Dean Winchester on 'Supernatural.' 
JON: Lymphoma-suffering Red Sox pitcher who started and won the final 2007 World series game. 
JOHN: Pro football/soccer captain of Chelsea in the Premier League. 
BIANCA: She won the first season of 'America's Got Talent.' 
PAMELA: 'Baywatch' star known for her rather large busoms. 
Chain #8
DARRELL: 3-time NASCAR Cup champ and winner of 84 Cup Series races (3rd all-time). 
KELLY: Co-host on 'LIVE! with Regis & Kelly.' 
ANNA: Plays Sookie Stackhouse on 'True Blood.' 
ZACHARY: Played Sylar on 'Heroes' and Spock in 'Star Trek' (2009). 
LADANIAN: NFL running back for the New York Jets who was drafted fifth overall in 2001. 
BRENDA: Plays London Tipton on 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' and Christy Lee in 'The Social Network.' 
Chain #9
MARILYN: Lead female vocalist of the group The 5th Dimension.' 
ALICE: His self-named band's hits include 'School's Out.' 
EVA: The musical 'Evita' describes her life. 
CRISTIANO: Portuguese national football/soccer team captain; most expensive player in football history. 
SHANNEN: Played Brenda Walsh on 'Beverly Hills, 90210' and Prue Halliwell on 'Charmed.' 
STEVEN: Aerosmith lead singer and current 'American Idol' judge. 

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