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Can you name the celebrity surnames, where the letters in the last syllable of one name begin the next name?

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Chain #1
MICHAEL: Played Don Self on 'Prison Break' and Gary on 'Friends.'  
NATALIE: Won the Best Actress Academy Award in 2011 for 'Black Swan.' 
PEYTON: Star football quarterback on the Indianapolis Colts. 
LAURA: Conservative political radio host and author of best sellers 'The Obama Diaries' and 'Power to the People.' 
Chain #2
ANGELINA: She starred in 'Tomb Raider' and 'A Mighty Heart.' 
JOSEPH: CT U.S. Senator who was Al Gore's running mate in 2000. 
MARILYN: He leads a self-named band and is known for his controversial stage persona. 
STEPHEN: Award-winning composer of 'Sweeney Todd' and 'Assassins' scores. 
Chain #3
TOM: Author of 'The Hunt for Red October' and 'Patriot Games.' 
MILEY: Her stage name is Hannah Montana. 
KERI: Won a Golden Globe for portraying Felicity on 'Felicity.' 
TOM: Portrayed Dr. Richard Burke on 'Friends' and Frank Reagan on 'Blue Bloods.' 
AARON: Played 'Two-Face' in 'The Dark Knight' and George in 'Erin Brockovich.' 
WALLACE: Violinist orchestra leader who died on the Titanic. 
Chain #4
SUSAN: Won the Best Actress Academy Award for 'Dead Man Walking.' 
LANDON: Los Angeles Galaxy soccer star who leads the U.S. national team in all-time scoring and assists. 
EMILY: Portrayed Amy Abbott on 'Everwood' and Rebecca Harper on 'Brothers & Sisters.' 
NEVE: Portrays Sidney Prescott in the 'Scream' film series. 
MONICA: Italian model and actress who played Mary Magdalene in 'The Passion of the Christ.' 
BUDDY: Providence, RI, mayor convicted for racketeering conspiracy. 
Chain #5
JOY: Co-host on 'The View.' 
MARISKA: Star of 'Law & Order: SVU.' 
JULIE: Theater/opera/film director known for directing 'The Lion King' and the failed Spider-Man musical. 
MATTHEW: Plays Will Schuester on 'Glee.' 
Chain #6
TIM: Star of TV's 'Home Improvement.' 
JAY: Former host of 'The Tonight Show.' 
SHAQUILLE: Lakers-turned-Celtics NBA superstar.' 
KEVIN: His 'SNL' characters include Mr. Subliminal, Franz, and Mr. No Depth Perception. 
Chain #7
RENE: Plays Kate Mullen in 'Ransom' and Catherine Olds Banning in 'The Thomas Crown Affair.' 
SONIA: First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. 
GEORGE: Author of 'Nineteen Eight-Four' and 'Animal Farm.' 
TOM: Plays Clark Kent on 'Smallville.' 
Chain #8
ANNE: Plays Mia Thermopolis in 'The Princess Diaries' and Kym in 'Rachel Getting Married.' 
DAMON: Stand-up comedian whose brothers are actors Marlon, Keenen, Shawn, and Dwayne. 
AZIZ: Plays Tom Haverford on 'Parks and Recreation.' 
MICHAEL: Played Kramer on 'Seinfeld.' 

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