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Can you name the movies based on the description of the marriage proposals that take place in them?

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His first attempt fails when her grade-school students, in the window, misspell the proposal, 'Marry me, Map.' The second time, he proposes to her bedside.2000
Him: 'I love you. You . . . you complete me. And I just . . .' Her: 'Shut up, just shut up. You had me at hello.'1996
After he leaves her at the altar, he ultimately realizes his flaws and again declares his love for her by giving her a shoe instead of a ring.2008
After putting on a charade in which they pretend they are going to get married, he says to her, 'Marry me, because I'd like to date you.'2009
When she tells him that he is only allowed to speak to her onstage, he stops their performance mid-duet and proposes, refusing to finish the song until she says yes.2005
Despite her insistence that 'I shall never marry again,' he says, 'Oh yes you will, and you'll marry me.'1939
In spite of her large, crazy European family and his uptight parents, he proposes to her in bed.2002
Despite her tendency to flee the altar, he says he will regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn't ask her to be his.1999
She finds a large box with smaller boxes inside, the smallest being a black ring box. He then enters the room with a diamond ring and whispers, 'You've got to say yes first.'2001
He wakes her with a kiss in the morning and an empty ring box, then ties a string to her finger and slides the diamond ring in place.1998
He doesn't technically propose, but she chooses him over Lon, and they grow old together.2004
Adam Sandler proposes to Marisa Tomei in front of a crowd at Yankee Stadium to prevent Jack Nicholson from proposing to her himself.2003
Among the things he says he loves about her are the crinkle above her nose and when she gets cold in 71-degree weather.1989
Kevin James proposes to Adam Sandler; though he refuses initially, they become domestic partners shortly after.2007
After rock-solid Michael Chiklis reveals that he has found love with a blind artist, Ioan Gruffudd stretch-proposes to Jessica Alba.2005
Him: 'Every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step toward finding you.'1999
Jason Biggs doesn't get to propose to Alyson Hannigan; his father spills the beans when she is under the dinner table.2003
Seth Rogen gives Katherine Heigl an empty ring box because he can't yet afford the ring he wanted to get her at De Beer's.2007
Him, in front of the tiger exhibit: 'You know, I was wondering. Like, whaddaya think you’re doing for like . . . the next 40 or 50 years?'1979
Very publicly, Colin Firth, in horrible Portuguese, asks Lucia Moniz to marry him.2003

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