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Can you choose the celebrity, by typing 'A' or 'B,' that correctly fits each description?

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Starred on 'Downton Abbey': A) Maggie Smith, or B) Matt Smith?
Starred on 'Sex and the City' and in 'The Pardon': A) Jason Isaacs, or B) Jason Lewis?
Starred in 'American Beauty' and 'October Sky': A) Bradley Cooper, or B) Chris Cooper?
Starred on 'Girls': A) Adam Driver, or B) Minnie Driver?
Starred in 'Big Fish' and 'The Dark Knight Rises': A) Marion Cotillard, or B) Marion Jones?
Played linebacker in the NFL for the Ravens: A) Ray Lewis, or B) Ray Rice?
Famous American fashion designer: A) Katy Perry, or B) Perry Ellis?
Starred in 'Notting Hill' and 'About a Boy': A) Hugh Grant, or B) Hugh Jackman?
Starred on 'Married... with Children': A) Christina Applegate, or B) Christina Pickles?
Given first name is Thomas: A) Jack Black, or B) Rick Ross?
Starred on 'Prison Break' and 'Private Practice': A) Paul Adelstein, or B) Paul Lieberstein?
Professional BMX rider with reality hosting credentials: A) T.J. Lavin, or B) T.J. Ward?
Starred in 'Ghost' and 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back': A) Rube Goldberg, or B) Whoopi Goldberg?
Had hits with 'Glory' and 'All of Me': A) John Denver, or B) John Legend?
Played point guard in the NBA for the Celtics: A) Marcus Mariota, or B) Marcus Smart?
Starred on 'House' and 'Once Upon a Time': A) Ginnifer Goodwin, or B) Jennifer Morrison?

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