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Can you name the answers to the questions about each of the fifty states with (T)rue or (F)alse?

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ALABAMA: Its capital is Birmingham.
ALASKA: It is the largest state by area.
ARIZONA: It was the last of the contiguous states admitted to the Union.
ARKANSAS: It shares a border with seven other states.
CALIFORNIA: The NFL's Giants play here.
COLORADO: It is one of the 'Four Corners' states.
CONNECTICUT: Its first constitution, the 'Fundamental Orders,' was adopted in 1639.
DELAWARE: It is the smallest U.S. state by area.
FLORIDA: Its largest city is Tallahassee.
GEORGIA: It shares its name with a country.
HAWAII: It is the southernmost state in the U.S.
IDAHO: It still follows its original state constitution.
ILLINOIS: It has the second largest city in the U.S.
INDIANA: Its capital is Springfield.
IOWA: Its capital city is also its largest city.
KANSAS: The Kansas River was named BEFORE the state of Kansas was named.
KENTUCKY: It has the world's longest cave system: Carlsbad Caverns.
LOUISIANA: New Orleans is why Louisiana is the state with the second lowest elevation location in the U.S.
MAINE: Dummer's War was fought here primarily.
MARYLAND: Its most populous city is Annapolis.
MASSACHUSETTS: All of the Big 4 sports teams who play here are named after the city of Boston.
MICHIGAN: The University of Michigan is located in South Bend.
MINNESOTA: Its capital is Minneapolis.
MISSISSIPPI: In 2009, it was found to be the state with the lowest median household income.
MISSOURI: The Missouri Compromise was passed in 1912.
MONTANA: It has 77 named ranges of the Rocky Mountain.
NEBRASKA: Its capital is named for a U.S. President.
NEVADA: Las Vegas and Reno are its two most populous cities.
NEW HAMPSHIRE: It became the first post-colonial sovereign nation in the Americas after breaking from Great Britain in 1776.
NEW JERSEY: As of 2016, it has the highest population density of all the states.
NEW MEXICO: Contrary to popular history, the Pueblo people never lived here.
NEW YORK: It is the only state whose capital city shares its name.
NORTH CAROLINA: It was the last Confederate state to secede from the Union.
NORTH DAKOTA: The second most common language spoken here is German.
OHIO: Its name comes from the Iroquois word for 'lake-bound.'
OKLAHOMA: The Oklahoma City bombing was the most destructive terrorist act on the U.S. until 9/11.
OREGON: The Salem witch trials took place here.
PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania is a commonwealth.
RHODE ISLAND: Reality stars Richard Hatch (Survivor) and Pauly D (Jersey Shore) are from RI.
SOUTH CAROLINA: Confederate president Jefferson Davis established his capital in Columbia, SC.
SOUTH DAKOTA: South Dakota is further north than North Carolina.
TENNESSEE: It is known as the 'Bluegrass State.'
TEXAS: The Battle of the Alamo took place in Corpus Christi, TX, in 1836.
UTAH: Brigham Young was the first governor of Utah Territory.
VERMONT: It has the second lowest population of the U.S. states.
VIRGINIA: Dred Scott was born here.
WASHINGTON: Its capital is Seattle.
WEST VIRGINIA: The Appalachian Mountains run through it.
WISCONSIN: It borders two of the five Great Lakes.
WYOMING: Most of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming.

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