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The site was launched in July 2007.
The founder's first name is Ben.
According to the founder, the name 'Sporcle' is inspired by the word 'oracle.'
The site's main offices are located in Chicago and St. Paul.
Sporcle's slogan is 'mentally disturbing diversions.'
You have to register with a username to take quizzes.
There are 16 game categories.
The verb 'sporcling' can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary.
You can register on Sporcle for only a small fee.
Sporcle has both iPhone and Android apps available.
The 'Daily Dose' front page series was launched in October 2010.
'Minute Morsel' Daily Dose games always involve completing a word ladder.
There are nearly 250,000 games on Sporcle as of May 2013.
You can create a 30-second game.
There has been a 'Science' Sporcle editor with the username 'sproutcm.'
There has been a 'Language' Sporcle editor with the username 'rockingolfer.'
Registered members can connect their account through Facebook.
Student use of the site is gauged on the front page's college rankings.
Games are published on the front page daily.
It is possible for a quiz to have an average rating of 5.50.

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