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Can you pick the famous person, by choosing A or B, who is related to the given celebrity by blood or marriage?

Quiz Updated Sep 6, 2015

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Ray J:
A) Brandy, or B) Monica?
Warren Beatty:
A) Barbra Streisand, or B) Shirley MacLaine?
Megan Mullally:
A) Eric McCormack, or B) Nick Offerman?
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen:
A) Elizabeth Olsen, or B) Susan Olsen?
Francis Ford Coppola:
A) Nicolas Cage, or B) Ryan Gosling?
Goldie Hawn:
A) Anna Faris, or B) Kate Hudson?
Jon Voight:
A) Angelina Jolie, or B) Jennifer Aniston?
Blythe Danner:
A) Gwyneth Paltrow, or B) Uma Thurman?
Rita Wilson:
A) Owen Wilson, or B) Tom Hanks?
Liv Tyler:
A) Aisha Tyler, or B) Steven Tyler?
Ryan Reynolds:
A) Blake Lively, or B) Jessica Biel?
Ron Howard:
A) Bryce Dallas Howard, or B) Terrence Howard?
Julia Roberts:
A) Doris Roberts, or B) Emma Roberts?
Quincy Jones:
A) Lolo Jones, or B) Rashida Jones?
Emilio Estevez:
A) Breckin Meyer, or B) Charlie Sheen?
John Cusack:
A) Jim Belushi, or B) Joan Cusack?

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