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Can you name the Survivor contestant who fits each description*?

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Name the Survivor who . . .Survivor# of Survivors
. . . appeared in consecutive seasons of the show.9
. . . won a season by unanimous jury decision.4
. . . won a season set in Samoa.4
. . . played 'Survivor' for the greatest total number of days.1
. . . was a member of the very first 'Survivor' alliance (Borneo).4
. . . was not of U.S. drinking age (21) while on the show.7
. . . also appeared on 'The Amazing Race.'8
. . . participated in both 'Fans vs. Favorites' seasons.1
. . . was eliminated in a re-vote after a three-way tie.6
. . . quit the game during a season when someone else also quit.4
Name the Survivor who . . .Survivor# of Survivors
. . . was from Santa Monica, California.7
. . . is female and participated in at least three different seasons.7
. . . won a season with a cast made up entirely of returning players.3
. . . won the greatest number of individual immunity challenges in a single season.5
. . . won a fire-making tiebreaker.6
. . . was voted out of the game first in two different seasons.1
. . . won more than one season of 'Survivor.'1
. . . attended every single Tribal Council and then won the game.1
. . . won a season set in South America.2
. . . was a member of the very first final three at a Final Tribal Council (Cook Islands).3

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