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Can you name the missing single-digit integer that correctly completes each chemical formula?

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Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subscript
Phosphoric Acid: H3PO__
Water: H__O
Sodium Ferrocyanide: Na4Fe(CN)__
Iron(III) Oxide: Fe__O3
Carbon Tetrachloride: C__Cl4
Calcium Hydroxide: Ca__(OH)2
Butanol: C__H9OH
Methane: CH__
Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subscript
Ammonia: NH__
Glucose: C6H12O__
Propane: C3H__
Pentaphosphorus Trichloride: P__Cl3
Barium Chloride: BaCl__
Acetylene: C__H2
Dichlorine Heptoxide: Cl2O__

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