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Can you name the six-letter words in the themed word ladder, in which any two letters are changed per step?

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♯ ROMAN NUMERAL: XII, as a written-out number ♯
To put off a plan of action, or to place a book or item on a furniture ledge
Drummer Manne, or consisting of hard outer cases of mollusks
Coldly determined; hard
Not under the control of another; as one wishes
Extremely well, or with delicacy
♯ ROMAN NUMERAL: XC, as a written-out number ♯
San Francisco's NFL team, for short
Devices musicians use to adjust an instrument's pitch
Athletes who ride and steer one- or two-person sleds (e.g. in the Winter Olympics)
Baked puddings or casseroles, often made from egg noodles or potato
To a great extent; very much
Very; exceedingly; exceptionally
♯ ROMAN NUMERAL: LXXX, as a written-out number ♯
A woman's thin, close-fitting garment, often made of nylon, that covers her lower body
Taxes (usually 10% of income) for the support of the church and clergy
A rope or chain with which an animal is tied to restrict its movement
Caring and kindhearted, or in the case of food, not tough
A power tool used for smoothing a surface with abrasive material
It scared away little Miss Muffet
A splinter or shard
One who is habitually messy or careless
♯ ROMAN NUMERAL: XI, as a written-out number ♯

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