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Can you name the words in each sequence, such that one letter is replaced by two of a different letter to form a new word (see note)?

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Word 1 →
Lighter in color

An adult male 

Bar bills 
A crowd or horde

To grate or mince

A mist or fog

The chemical symbol of plutonium 
Jewish dinner for the first night of Passover 

To place in the ground and conceal

Word 2 →
A device for removing skin from fruit 
Quantity measured in kilograms 
Jaded system-gaming 'Dilbert' character 
Prohibited by social custom 
A bog, or 'Big Brother' (U.S.) winner Hayden 
Waved one's arms at a person to make him go away 
Actress Berry of 'Monster's Ball'

To urinate 
A vendor

Company that operates the world's largest single brewing facility (Golden, CO) 
An oppressor or tyrant

Word 3
A traveling salesperson

Shopping centers 
Fleecy, like a prehistoric mammoth

Needle-made skin art 
A vote or ballot 
Large apple juice & sauce company founded in 1842 
Visited a store to make a purchase

To barter or negotiate (ie: over an item's cost) 
Actor Simon of 'Shaun of the Dead' 
A colonist or pioneer

Makes prolonged calls to attract attention

Sparkling or effervescent, as it pertains to champagne 

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